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Specialized group that makes UGC Video integration for brands and media easy and accessible through our technology and commercial solutions. Global experience with more than 300 campaigns for industry leaders (advertisers, media, brands and agencies).

A technological solution with more than 12 integral business tools, that empower the connection between brands and media with their target audience, generating unique experiences that strengthen the engagement.

A community of more than 300,000 amateurs video creators and influencers, completely segmented and that can be activated in a natural way for all kinds of projects.

A production company dedicated to develop digital and television formats, created with 100% UGC Video generated by viewers through their technological devices.

We bet on video content and we already have launched more than 300 campaigns in Spain, Latin America and USA.

We have helped companies like Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, Huawei, Movistar , Universal Music, Televisa, Viacom, Turner International, Prisa,Mediaset…